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Occupying Patriarchy Throughout The U.S.

December 12, 2011

Talking about the need to confront patriarchy and insist that women’s voices be heard and women’s needs be met within the context of Occupy or any radical or progressive movement can feel like a lonely pursuit, but the good news is that actually a whole lot of people are working to do exactly that.  All around the U.S. and throughout the world there have been a number of very empowering actions and statements.  Here is a wrap up of some of the things that have been happening in the U.S. and later this week, I’ll do another post that links to actions in other countries.  If you know of something that should be added to this, please do so in the comments.

The Occupy Boston Women’s Caucus  issued a statement for the November 18th Occupy Boston General Assembly that began,

We, the women of Occupy Boston, are here to tell you that two months is far too long to have occupied without a feminist perspective.

In New York, WOW (Women Occupying Wall Street) worked on an amendment to the Occupy Wall Street Declaration of Independence to address issues such a  trafficking, violence and reproductive freedom.

In Boston, a women’s march was held on December 4th, declaring in this musical invite, “We’re not all white males”.

OccupyDC’s Gender Equality Group held a teach-in on abortion.

The Women’s Caucus of Occupy Philly issued a statement calling out the Mayor and police and well as the media in Philadelphia for their statements regarding the safety of women at Occupy Philly,

The recent demonizing and vilifying of the Occupy movement in the media is a scape-goating of the problems and violence that plague our communities and cities daily.  Rape happens every day, murder happens every day and Suicide happens every day. These tragedies are not symptoms or creations of the Occupy Movement, nor are they exclusive to the Occupy Movement; they are realities of our society and of our everyday lives.

In Providence, RI, an Occupy the Night event was held, “An evening of feminist and queer action, conversation and community. Because the fight against corporate power and inequality is hollow until all forms of oppression are raised to the center of the struggle. ”

In Los Angeles:

November 25th in New York City:

Occupy Medgar:

Gender Discrimination: Gender harassment and discrimination at Medgar Evers College have reached an all-time high under the leadership of President Pollard and Provost Johnson. Complaints are mounting. Women are filing complaints with the Equal Opportunity Commission, hiring attorneys and allegedly taking this present administration to court for charges of gender discrimination and sexual harassment . CUNY Chancellor has yet to call this administration to task and hold it accountable for its campaign of intimidation against women. More must be done to validate and protect women against these attacks by the administration and their confederates other than to hold a Zero Violence Seminar.OccupyMedgar says: Stop the Violence! Stop the campaign of intimidation against women at Medgar Evers College and restore those women who have been removed from their positions of leadership to their rightful place.

In Oakland:

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