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The Occupy Patriarchy website was conceived of to  provide a supportive, global space for  feminist analysis, response and organizing and networking within the world-wide Occupy movement.

It is our observation that  institutions such as Wall Street are manifestations of the far deeper and greater problem of patriarchy which depends in large measure on the exploitation, disempowerment, and subjugation of women, yet (as is all too often the case in progressive movements) the analysis of issues presented so far has shown little effort in looking at the various issues discussed from a feminist vantage point, including but not limited to the following:

  • Women make up the overwhelming majority of people living in poverty and do the overwhelming majority of unpaid work on which everyone’s lives depend.
  • Our reproductive rights and agency are continually under siege.
  • The overwhelming number of victims of sexual exploitation and violence are women and this exploitation intensifies under conditions of economic devastation.
  • While these issues impact all women, women of color are far more likely to suffer the consequences of patriarchal domination.

For any real, substantive change for the better to occur, it is critical that issues such as these be  addressed.  It is also crucial that sexist and misogynist behavior occurring at Occupy events, whether by participants,  law enforcement or by the media be called out and addressed.  There must be zero tolerance for that behavior in the movement for economic justice.  We cannot successfully occupy Wall Street without also confronting and addressing the patriarchal system it perpetuates.

This website is a project of the Feminist Peace Network, Please also join us on Facebook.  Please send requests for interviews and other queries to fpn @

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  1. Chris permalink
    October 26, 2011 11:23 pm

    At Occupy Melbourne (Australia) I saw a man wearing a t-shirt he had written on himself. it said: “The Earth Is Not A Whore!”
    By this I guess he meant the earth is a Good Woman and therefore should not be raped. It implied that if he considered the earth to be a Bad Woman then it be OK to rape her.
    This is the level of woman hating that men are displaying and getting away with at Occupy camps.
    I was unable to corner that man but I did confront another man about a sexist sign he was holding up and he refused to change it or take it down. He even tried to get rid of me by claiming that women dominate men!

  2. Louise permalink
    November 5, 2011 5:11 pm – please check out this video forf why feminism should be part of the occupy movement


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